1. TNT                                                AC/DC
  2. Nutshell                                          Alice in Chains
  3. Bad Company                                Bad Company
  4. Fight For Your Right                       Beastie Boys
  5. Hard To Handle                              Black Crowes
  6. She Talks To Angels                       Black Crowes
  7. Paranoid                                         Black Sabbath
  8. Turn The Page                               Bob Seagar
  9. Summer of 69                                 Bryan Adams
  10. Fortunate Son                                CCR
  11. Bad Moon                                       CCR
  12. Wicked Game                                 Chris Isaak
  13. Tennessee Whiskey                       Chris Stapleton
  14. Crossroads                                     Clapton
  15. Shine                                              Collective Soul
  16. Wagon Wheel                                 Dylan/Darius Rucker
  17. Fly Me Courageous                        Drivin ‘N Cryin
  18. All Right Now                                  Free
  19. My Hero                                          Foo Fighters
  20. Santa Monica                                 Everclear
  21. What It's Like                                 Everlast
  22. When I Come Around                    Green Day
  23. Knockin on Heavens Doors           Guns N Roses
  24. Sweet Child O Mine                       Guns N Roses
  25. All Along the Watchtower               Hendrix/Dylan
  26. Let Her Cry                                     Hootie and the Blowfish
  27. The Middle                                     Jimmy Eat World 
  28. Folsom Prison Blues                      Johnny Cash
  29. Ring Of Fire                                    Johnny Cash
  30. You Got Another Thing Coming     Judas Priest
  31. Living After Midnight                      Judas Priest
  32. Sex On Fire                                    Kings Of Leon
  33. My Own Worst Enemy                   Lit
  34. Simple Man                                    Lynyrd Skynyrd
  35. Can’t You See                                Marshall Tucker Band
  36. Mississippi Queen                          Mountain
  37. Nobody Gonna Bring Me Down     Mr Grumblefish
  38. Damn That River                            Mr Grumblefish
  39. Country Rock Rebel                       Mr Grumblefish
  40. Ratfink                                            Mr Grumblefish
  41. Simple Life                                     Mr Grumblefish
  42. ChuckBerry                                    Mr Grumblefish
  43. Smells Like Teen Spirit                  Nirvana
  44. Rockin In The Free World              Neil Young
  45. Human                                           Rag N Bone
  46. Red Hot Chili Peppers                   Dani California
  47. Closing Time                                  Semisonic
  48. Cumbersome                                 Seven Mary Three
  49. Born To Be Wild                             Steppenwolfe
  50. Runaway Train                              Soul Asylum
  51. Wicked Garden                             Stone Temple Pilots
  52. Plush                                             Stone Temple Pilots
  53. Kryptonite                                      Three Doors Down
  54. Bad To The Bone                          Thoroughgood
  55. Mary Jane                                     Tom Petty
  56. Free Falling                                   Tom Petty
  57. Learning to Fly                              Tom Petty
  58. Slither                                            Velvet Revolver
  59. Hash Pipe                                      Weezer
  60. Buddy Holly                                   Weezer
  61. Say It Ain't So                                Weezer
  62. Beverly Hills                                   Weezer
  63. Tush                                              ZZ Top
  64. Lagrange                                       ZZ Top
  65. Wallflowers                                    One Headlight