Want Ad: Ousted Preacher seeks solid, rocking music that employs songwriting elements and nuance while maintaining the alchemy of good production so that we may save souls.


Mr. Grumblefish feat. Father Smash is a preacher-driven music experience. The enigmatic Father Smash and his band, Mr. Grumblefish blend sound elements of Rock, Southern and more. The music is influenced by the artists of year's past and appreciated by audiences today. Hard-driving riffs, infectious melodies, booming vocals and an energetic stage show provide the ingredients of their musical experience.  

Since forming in Summer of 2017, Mr Grumblefish has relentlessly written, recorded and is beginning to gig, - garnering new fans and establishing their presence in the regional music scene. Father Smash has performed shows in Cincinnati, Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Savannah, Wilmington, NYC, Columbus, Kansas City, Denver, and several small towns in between.  As the band continues to develop their sound, they will return to the studio in Summer 2018. 

2018 is set to be a big year for the band. The band already has shows scheduled in South Carolina and regionally beyond over the next several months.  New venues will provide the platform for Father Smash, donned in robe, sash and signature sunglasses, to preach his message of life, love and rock & roll with Mr. Grumblefish rocking out behind him!

The band plans to capitalize on their early success to get their music and show seen, converting lost sheep into followers of the Mr. Grumblefish sound. Mr. Grumblefish was formerly Driverside. (solid hard rock sound/accomplished musicians)  We have more than three hours of covers spanning four decades and an hour of originals in the southern rock/hard rock style. We can do acoustic shows too. Original or cover shows can be done.

Band Members

Father Smash - Vocals

Coey Jones - Guitar/Vocals

Jeff Anderson Guitar

Ryan Levy - Bass

Chris Hinch - Drums